Do You Want
Six-Pack Abs & a Bikini Body
But Just
Don’t Have the Time or Dieting Discipline To Make It Happen?

The Fit Sense

Fully Personalized 1-on-1 Nutrition, Lifestyle & Mindset Coaching Program Designed to Get You into the Bikini Body of Your Dreams ​on Your Schedule and tailored to Your Lifestyle.

No Dieting!

​No Spending Hours at the Gym!

​No Mental & Physical Deprivation!

As a woman working a 9-5 job, juggling family, friends, social life and countless other commitments, fabulous six-pack abs might feel like a distant dream.


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    ​You don’t have the time to work out, you don’t have the energy or discipline to diet, you have tried dieting before, only to eventually put on more weight than you temporarily lost.
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    ​​BUT! You feel this way because ​conventional and trendy ​fat loss programs require you to diet unnaturally, workout for ridiculously long hours and basically deprive you of any time and fun that you can call a social life.
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    ​No social person with a full time job stand a chance to conform to such demanding requirements and therefore you don’t even try anymore.

The Fit Sense is a personalized nutrition, lifestyle and mindset coaching program

​designed to help you get the body you want, without depriving you of your social life, favorite foods, and only remaining spare time.

NB: The Fit Sense is ​‘nutrition and mindset coaching and not a ‘diet’. While dieting requires you to completely abstain or starve yourself from hundreds of foods, a great nutrition and coaching plan allows you to indulge in almost any food, but in a controlled and calculated manner.

The Fit Sense not only lets you eat all the foods you love. It is also designed to so practical, that you can incorporate it into your busy daily life — without the need to completely shake up your eating and food-prep patterns.

The Fit Sense ​is Based on My Personal Discovery Experience and My Work with Women Overc​oming ​Resilient Fat Loss Hurdles

​And Transform​ing ​Their Relationship with Food Through Self-Love​.

As someone who have looked at various fitness or diet programs before, you must be wondering ‘what makes The Fit Sense any different?’

The Fit Sense teaches you practical and simple nutrition, workout and mindset approaches that you can actually find time for — even on the busiest schedule!

​It​​​ took me almost 15 years of experimenting, failures, trials, tests, gut-wrenching disappointment, starting from scratch and a whole lot of continuous fine-tuning to come up with the formula that gives you results with the limited time you have on a working schedule. Today I call this formula The Fit Sense


”I was battling self-esteem issues related to ​my body and weight too.”

The Fit Sense might at first glance look ​as ​the brainchild ​​of a ​committed personal trainer, with rock hard abs and a sculpted body, but ​in fact ​I work a full-time job, juggle a busy family, friends and social life, indulge in sweets and work out for just a few hours a week!

My name is Lubov Ivanova ​and I have fought through multiple injuries from intense physical workouts where ​I pushed ​my body to the extreme. I even overcame a serious lumbar disc herniation, an injury that easily could have ended my dreams of staying in reasonable shape, let alone get abs!

What I'm trying to say is that if I, with me weak self-discipline and confidence, can overcome all of that, then YOU can too!'

​​I have condensed all my ​experience into a 60 day program, that teaches you how to implement the tools ​to achieve your dream body and take better care of yourself

In the 15 years that led to the making of The Fit Sense, ​I have acquired a NFPT Certified Personal Trainer Certification and also a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach Certification, in an effort to scientifically equip myself with knowledge to assist you with your fat loss goals.

​It took ​me years to come up with a lifestyle, nutrition program, workout program and body appreciating mindset that allows ​me to look the way I do, feel the way ​I do and be confident and satisfied with ​my body.

What The Fit Sense Is NOT?

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    ​a program that will help you get a six-pack with no effort
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    ​a program that will help you get a six-pack overnight
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    ​a dieting program that requires you to starve yourself
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    ​(only) a nutrition program; it is weekly guided coaching program

What The Fit Sense Is ABOUT?

The Fit Sense is a 60-day personalized nutrition coaching and mentoring program giving you the tools to achieve six-pack results, based on your needs. And in the way that is the most practical to you.

It is designed to:

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    ​​fit into your busy lifestyle (accommodating your job, family and social life)
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    ​give you sustainable fat-loss results, over 60 days AND for life
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    ​​help you overcome dieting failures like binge eating, experimental dieting, diet-cheating & emotional eating issues
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    ​and ​feel confident, positive and happy about your body
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    ​make you attract more and amazing opportunities in your life through mindset shift
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    ​give you one-on-one mind-body coaching, support, motivation and encouragement
  • The Fit Sense gives you sustainable fat-loss results, for life
  • ​Fully Personalized 60 Day 
    Nutrition Program

    This is NOT a one-size fits all nutrition program.

    No two participants in The Fit Sense ever receive the same nutrition plan. Once you sign up, I will develop a personalized plan based on information about your weight, lifestyle and activities. This plan is developed for you and you alone.​



    Complete life-changing nutrition coaching for 60 days


    Weekly monitoring and nutrition adjustments, if necessary


    A healthy habit development plan, designed just for you


    Time saving food preparation tactics


    Step-by-step guide to developing a healthy mind-body relationship and self-love


    And rediscovering the role of the food in your life

    At the core of The Fit Sense is a nutrition program designed just for you. It is based on scientific research to help you boost your metabolism, shed fat while avoiding common dieting problems like starvation, deprivation, yo-yo dieting, ​and ​binge eating.

    But Most importantly: The Fit Sense Nutrition Program is PRACTICAL, you will spend the same amount of time (or less) in the kitchen preparing your healthy meals than you are used to.

    The Fit Sense Bonus Components

    Bonus #1: Weekly E-Mail Personal Coaching & Motivation

    Receive personal e-mail coaching and support from ​me. Losing fat will be challenging for most. Whether it is emotional struggle, struggle with injuries or the lack of time that is preventing you from making progress, ​I have the personal experience to guide you through troubled waters.

    I will give you advice, tell you tips and devise strategies that help you find the reasons for sabotaging your fat loss, overcome any or all challenges you face and reinventing your beautiful self-loving feminine side, as you undergo your Fit Sense journey.

    Bonus #2: A Vibrant Facebook Community

    Exclusive Private Access to fellow Fit Sense users. Read, discuss and be inspired by success stories of fellow women who are killing their weight and fat loss targets by following The Fit Sense. ​I, myself, also regularly share insights from ​my active lifestyle, recipes, useful tips and techniques for conquering your fat loss limiting factors. A brilliant way to stay motivated, always!

    Bonus #3: Fat Loss & Food Preparation Strategies

    You will read about strategies that will allow you to use utensils, time management tricks and kitchen tools and equipment that will help you revamp your kitchen, making it a fat loss temple in your home!

    Bonus #4: The Fit Sense 8 Favorite Mouth-Watering Snacks

    The Fit Sense knows that you need to have a bit of fun to succeed with your 60 day six-pack goals. This is why your nutrition program is strategically laced with mouth-watering and guilt-free snacks that will never leave you feeling deprived, depressed or craving for certain foods.

    Bonus #5: Abs Workout Sessions

    While The Fit Sense nutrition program helps you shed fat that slowly but surely reveals your abdominal muscles, this bonus section helps you strengthen and build your abs. Designed to not take up more than ​6-12 minutes a day in the comfort of your home, these exercises leave you with abs to die for.

    Bonus #6: Anti-Cellulite Secrets

    An e-book with secrets on how to defeat a formidable enemy that is cellulite. Eye-opening tips (that work!) on how to eliminate ugly cellulite from your thighs, legs and butt and also keep it from ever coming back.

    Too Busy to Diet or Workout? Get a 6-Pack Program tailored to Your Tight Schedule

    You are Just 60 Days Away From Your Dream Body

    *After payment, you will be taken to a form where you will enter your personal information. After filling out the form, you shall receive an automated response confirming your form submission. Please give us 7 days to create your personalized nutrition program​ ​​​as it is compiled manually, based on your specific requirements.

    The Fit Sense is Backed By a 100% Money Back Guarantee


    ​Money Back Guarantee


    At The Fit Sense, we would absolutely hate it if you spent money on our program and didn’t get results. If the program doesn’t work for you, for whatever reason, email us to get a full, no questions asked refund.

    We want you to lose fat and not lose your hard earned money.

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