Weight Loss Results in the Blink of an Eye?

​Here's What to Expect from the Last-Minute Diet

When it comes to dieting, we’re not so keen on leaving our comfort zone, and then suddenly… Oh, no! We have only 10 days left before that event or vacation! 


We’re always so impatient and in our minds, we just need to fix this and the magical results will triumph. although this ideal world would suit every girl, reality just won’t make it that easy.

We, as women, perfectly know that everything takes time and we need to have developed healthy habits in order to have the body we want, but that cupcake ​is soooo good! and we truly and deeply believe that we’re different and we can make it - lose those last couple of pounds or fit in that dress only in two weeks.

Why do we believe that? Oh, c‘mon! Because we all have done it before, like.. at the age of 20!

The truth is you haven’t gained your weight overnight, so why do you expect to lose it faster? People with sedentary lifestyle and more than just 5 lbs to lose are usually the most impatient because they’re really pissed off of bearing the weight and crave changes. I know that, but drastic changes for extremely short periods of time is not what the body wants.

The body is an amazing machine that adapts and that can regenerate itself, but our hormonal, neurological and psychological systems also need time to readjust themselves to the new processes.

Ladies, I’m sorry, but there’s really no such thing as a shortcut to a super fit body! Some of you might have lost a couple of pounds doing the latest 3-day diet or detox, but you’ve most probably lost water, muscle, bone density, stomach/bladder/bowel content, etc. And the fat is still there! And it’s getting stubborn and stubborn with each try to repeat this “last-chance diet”.

3 Huge Mistakes all women do when the try to slim down too quickly:

 1.  Extremely overtrying after they haven’t exercised for ages

Women ​usually are overachievers - we perform great at work, school, at organizing everything, we are born to multitask (just kidding) and we’re super ambitious. So, when it comes to fat loss - we know everything! We have to start moving those curves, that’s why we book almost every single sport class for ten days in a row and without any guilt we reward ourselves with our favourite cake or chocolate.

Once you might have been used to intensive every day trainings, but if you haven’t sustained this lifestyle ​over the years, there is a great chance for you to reach complete burnout and exhaustion. You’ll become more prone to illnesses, injuries and other imbalances that combined with mistake number 2 are the perfect formula for long-term failure.

 2. Starving because they “know it takes only 3 days to get a flat belly and lose 5 lbs by not eating”

Drastically cutting food intake means a significant cut on daily calorie intake which signals the body to enter starvation mode, or in other words - the body will try to save its weight (after the initial rapid weight loss). It will start converting protein for energy and the fat-burning processes will be stopped. You will end up with less muscle and more fat, thus making it even more difficult to burn the excess of fat. The more muscle you have the easier for the body to burn the fat.

The body adapts to calorie intake faster than you think and if you want to continue losing weight, you will have to cut your calories even more ​which isn’t sustainable and healthy in the long run. You’ll be prone to overeating and not gaining control over your hunger. As a result you’ll regain those few pounds, mostly as stubborn fat. 

3. Trying to compensate a cheat meal (or even a cheat day!)

I have often been asked what is supposed to be done when someone cannot resist the temptation and has, for example, had a big portion of fresh pasta with lots of pesto with a bottle of wine and have eaten ice cream directly from the one-liter box.

​How can you compensate ​a cheat meal?

​You can't. 

Enjoy your meal, feel its taste, texture, how it makes you feel and forget about it. Don’t ruin your moment by feeling guilt or blaming yourself. Because starving or overtraining the next day is not ​a solution. Don’t try to do anything after a cheat meal, just keep up with your routine. It is simple as that!

We all have such days from time to time, we all need a break or just to refuel. As long as you’re not having a Christmas dinner every single evening and you're trying to stay active on a regular basis, you don’t need to stress about ​"cheatmeals" that much.

If you don’t have healthy habits or a training routine, but would like to start shed some fat, begin with developing a fat loss plan that really works.

It takes 3 to 4 weeks for you to feel the difference and even to see it if you have less body fat. That means that every effort you make after the first month will be noticeable to the outer world!



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