I Want To Look Like Her

3 steps to turn the green eyed-monster into the “she has it all”-girl

I want to look like her. We all have met this girl. Do you know her? Maybe not personally, but you usually meet her on your way to work, or at the grocery shop, or you secretly take a glance at her office on the other side of the street.

Who is she? She is the girl with the flawless, shiny skin, hazel eyes, wavy, glossy hair and the lean, vibrant body despite the three dream kids, she has given birth to.


Well, she has it all. And she has it every day.

She could be your perfect motivation, if you want to look like her. But this could also destroy you in a dozen ways.

Be honest – have you ever looked at any girl or woman, thinking she has everything?

If you have ever asked yourself why you don’t really get the same life and look, you should take the following 3 steps. Let’s reveal her secret!

Don’t think over way you’re not getting even closer. In this article, I am going to tell you what’s behind the scenes and how to make it work for you, so someone could point at you and tell themselves “She has it all”.

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The results will speak for themselves, so let’s carry forward…

So, everything about that girl is just ideal. Pie in the sky. She looks fantastic and complete. Even when she’s done with her super-intensive training or running after the kids her hair looks fabulous. She appears confident. Everywhere. She’s always full of energy. Is it because of her trainings or smoothies for breakfast? Maybe she has some super expensive beauty and energy supplement.

She rocks!

She has definitely no “fat” days and all her clothes are second skin. She never wears something too loose like huge sweaters or track pants to hide or to be easier for her to carry the bags, to walk the dog and to hug one of the kids, who’s ill at the moment.

I want to be like her.

Maybe that is what you tell your personal trainer or dietician. As I told you, this could be your perfect motivation or this could completely destroy you.

She has a prestige job and is treated with respect. Who knows she could even be a loving and caring housewife. The thing is she is happy and satisfied, because she knows she’s doing something important and she’s really good at it.

A lot of girls come to me asking me to help them achieve those arms, flat belly or tight butt. But ask yourself

Why does she have everything and I obviously don’t?

Well, here is the catch. She doesn’t. Yes, she doesn’t have it all, because I know her. I met her. I trained with her.

Wanting me to give you the best of this article now, I have to put it frankly.

She is not better.

There is no girl or woman who has no flaws, who hasn’t burst into tears or hasn’t collapsed because of her half-naked look in the mirror and measurements. The reasons are many and all the girls out there have faced them at some point –night cravings, injuries, overtraining, eating disorders, not being good enough, discontent of personal achievements, etc. The list is long, but you got my point.

After all, the world constantly tells us that everyone else has control over their lives. People are showing us on social media that they are doing so much better than you. They get in beach body shape faster, one month after pregnancy the have their abs back, they can eat chocolate all day long and still look ripped, while your gaining weight just by breathing.

You go to bed at night thinking you’re the only who can’t handle their life, and body, and depression, and cravings, and thoughts. But that’s not true, because the above mentioned people don’t even exist!

Next time when you take a look at the pictures of your favourite fitness model on the cover of some magazine or when you scroll all the “this is just how I look every day” top fit Instagram influencers, think of the reality.

They are not better than you and they definitely don’t look the same without the perfect lighting, the skills of the professional photographer, without Photoshop, without hairstylist and make-up artist. These girls are not natural. They might look good at the pictures, but they also feel sad sometime, they also fight their hunger and the responds of their bodies to the immense amount of trainings. They also crash.

So, instead of envying or being disappointed in yourself, turn those feelings into actions. If you’re still not sure how exactly, check out these 3 steps.

Step 1.

Be realistic.

It’s time to cheer the mood up! If you want to get in a very good shape and to look fit, you’re absolutely able to do it.

You don’t need any specific talent or skills to dominate your day. And you don’t have to become selfish, lonely and isolated to change your habits into healthier ones, to succeed into dealing with eating disorders or to take care of yourself. You are capable of achieving better body physic and loving your new appearance. You can and will be grateful for your results every single day.

You are probably thinking that I’m just talking motivational stuff you’ve read before, but slight changes can cause great effect in the long run.

But! There is always one “but”. If you think it will happen overnight, you have to reconsider your expectations now. Fast results equal poor health and boomerang failures. It takes not much time to get in shape, to lose fat and to show your new body to the world in fancy, tight clothes. But it takes a lot of effort and restrictions to get really ripped. Sometimes it takes you almost everything.

I’ve shared my experience on this topic in my article “Ripped Abs - Are They Worth It?” and if you’ve decided to take the road to a lean body, it will be worth reading it. There I explain the “awesome” life of having six-pack abs and the tremendous efforts along with it.

Perhaps, you aren’t focusing on fitness model career and have other things to prioritize in your life, so I’ll concentrate on ordinary girls like me and you. Girls and women who have normal lives and have no thousands of dollars for supplements, personal trainers and stylist crew and who definitely have no 24 hours to spend only on their body image.

Not that being extremely ripped doesn’t give you an amazing sense of accomplishment, but as one friend of mine, whose ex-girlfriend was bikini fitness model, told me:

“She was always extremely nervous and hungry or tired of training.”

You’ll get my point when you read what I’ve been through…

In short:​

  • Getting into slightly better shape, or a slightly healthier routine, doesn’t take much effort. That may be what is realistic for most of us, right now.
  • Getting into epic shape takes tremendous sacrifice… and kinda sucks. It probably isn’t worth it for most of us, right now.

Getting into epic shape creates other problems. Because of the demands of their job, cover models are often less happy, healthy, and balanced than the average person. (If you’ve ever chased this dream, you may have discovered this firsthand in the form of workout injuries, anxiety and depression, disordered eating, hormonal disruption, social isolation, and a host of other problems.) So if magazine covers are off the table at the moment, what can you do?

Step 2.

Love your imperfections.

Everyone has at least some imperfections. And often the things aren’t the way we have planned them to, but we have to accept it.

Not every day is perfect. It’s fine if you’re not always in a mood all the time, or if you’re tired, or late, or a bit messy, or bloated, or hungry. Because sometimes everyone is.

If you take a closer look to the girl that you want to look like, you’ll surely find out she’s also tired. And maybe she has multiple injuries because of the overtraining. Not everything is visible to the naked eye. She looks fit and healthy to you, but she might have a complicated relationship with food as you. Or she might suffer from depression or going through a tough period, because she hasn’t still reached her “perfect” standards.

She might look to you as she has nothing to change, as she couldn’t look or do better. In her head she might have a long way to go in order to come to the perfection. You don’t know her fight. This fight might have caused her tremendous health issues that are also disguised on the surface.

You’re going to have tough periods. Accept them.

Let yourself be fine with it. Accept the circumstances and move on. You will have bad days, you’ll gain a bit weight, you’ll have less time for yourself, you’ll have stress. In short, you’ll have challenges.

By loving you the way you are, you’re getting closer to your healthier, new you. Change your mindset. You’re making healthier, tiny changes because you love your body, not because you hate it. You want it to serve you well all of your life and you need to love it. Unconditionally.

Why is this necessary? Because you have to find a better ideal for a perfect girl or woman. the successful woman is happy and healthy not only outside. She’s having enough time for her kids and family, she’s not thinking about food all day long, she’s travelling, she’s positive. She give herself freedom to be imperfect.

Step 3.

You want to look like her? Act like her.

If you know she’s doing CrossFit or is a marathon runner and posts super healthy recipes deserving a food magazine cover, don’t start there. Start with something you know you can that wouldn’t cost you anything.

If you have never run since High school, don’t aim at 3 km at your first run. If you haven’t squatted with your own body, don’t go for a heavy bar, because you’ve heard it will lift your butt.

Discover what works best for you and enjoy it.

· Make appointments with yourself

The time you’re spending to look and feel better is special time for you. You’re the most important person to you. If you’re not missing meetings or parties with your friends, if you’re not late for work, if you’re giving your time for other, why aren’t you giving it you too?

· You have to start work for your goal

Every beginning is hard, but you have to start somewhere. Even if you feel uncomfortable, because you’re not in shape, you have to start with exercise. If you’re achiever you won’t like the feeling of a newbie. Believe me, you’ll need 2-3 trainings to start feeling more flexible and active. You’ll feel more energetic and will hardly notice your progress in a couple of weeks.

· You don’t have to be alone in your journey

You’ll be surprised how much help you’ll get if you just ask for it. Talk to coaches, talk to friends, talk to your family. Be open. Visit yoga or dance classes. Make new friendships. Join groups on social media, who share their easy to prepare healthy alternatives to favourite dishes. They will support you even in your bed days and you’ll see how okay it is not to be okay once in a while. Invite a friend at home and try to cook something together. Share the passion for the, new happier you.

· Small progress is still progress

As you saw, you don’t need perfect circumstances to get results. If have only 13 minutes for workout, don’t skip it, do a short HIIT session. You haven’t enough time to prepare your lunch, make the less harmful choices at the office canteen (remember, whole and less processed food is always preferable) and buy some raw nuts, fruits and yogurt from the local market for snack. You can have small victories everywhere and every day.

· Sometimes things don’t work

You’re probably in doubt about succeeding in your fat loss journey. We only become stronger and more confident when we start with something you. Something we didn’t think we could handle. But we become better in what we’re doing. We feel better and become prouder of ourselves, because we kept going after a failure. The girl you want to look like has fallen down many times. But her confidence constantly goes up, because she is persuasive.

Visualize your success

Think of your own look-a-like girl. How does she want to live? How does she want to wake up? What’s her morning ritual? What does she have for dinner? Does she go to the gym? How does she dress? What is her way of thinking about life? Imagine everything down to the last detail.

Visualize your own look-a-like girl and start building your way to her. Plan all you’ll need to reach her in the next few months until you come to something you can do today. Then do it again tomorrow. Make one change a time. You’ll get there sooner than you think.

And finally, remember what they say. It takes 12 weeks for others to notice you’ve changed. I can tell for sure that this rule applies to everyone, but I’ve noticed it takes 4 weeks for you to see some progress. This absolutely no time! It goes by faster than you think. And it takes 8 weeks for your closest people to see your progress.

Time passes anyway, so why not feel more confident and look better meanwhile?

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