How to Start Working Out: My Top 5 Tips For Newbies

​To start ​working​ out is the hardest step of every fitness journey. This article is all about the basics and initial strategies for those of you who haven’t taken ​their first step until now ​or always ​return to step 1 ​. That’s why I decided to give you the most important ​tips if you want to move forward and change your body and life!


​I also had been a beginner and probably I have been a newbie more times than you, as I had too many and to serious injuries. But that’s not the focus of my post now.

I couldn’t do a lot of exercises (I’m even currently trying to improve my technique on so many ​movements). I couldn’t do a single push up, not even one chin up... My balance doing lunges was pathetic.

​But I started off step by step focusing on becoming better in each body weight exercise and continued progressing at a very, very controlled manner.


Challenging yourself to be better than the day before will make you mentally and physically fit, girl.

​Once you start, you will almost instantly feel the positive effects on yourself. And that feeling will make you achieve your goals!

​Here are my 5 tips for you how to start working out and I hope you will try them as soon as possible! Take the momentum!

1. ​Why Are You Doing This

This is the most important part of starting any journey, and I know I talk about it a lot. Probably some of you who follow me on social media are a bit pissed of this “WHY” thing. But knowing you real, true, deep why is your key to success. Your intentions are the foundation of your health journey.

If you’re not being honest with yourself, you will fail.

So, find your favourite place at home, and think why you want to get into fitness.

​Write your reasons down. Get deeper and ask as many questions as needed. 

​Is it because of your health?

​Do you want to copy your favourite fitness model?

​Is everyone around you slimmer than you?

​Do you want to become better at any specific sport?

​​Or you just want to feel more attractive to your partner?

​Do you want to prove someone you CAN do it?

​Is there any specific event and people you would like to impress?

​Ask at least 5 Why's after each answer!

You ​need to get deep as possible, because you want to find the reason that will make you stay on track no matter what happens to you. When you feel most down, unhappy, stressed and demotivated, this one why will lift you up! You need to find this why!

You will recognize your TRUE WHY when you get to an answer that inspires you, makes you dream, makes you feel good, puts a smile on your face when you close your eyes and you just cannot wait to start. Your whole body should feel the excitement of JUST the imaginary thought of reaching your goal.

2. Find a Gym Buddy

This is probably the easiest part. Almost everyone has someone around them who also waits to find a partner in their new journey. Ask anyone from your family, friends, colleagues. Are you sure you asked everyone? May be there is also someone too shy to admit ​that they would like to ​join you in your journey and to finally learn how to start working out!

If you still have no clue who you can go with, try some workout classes where more people do the same workout and meet new friends. 😊

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Finding a gym buddy will help you stay on track, he or she can help you with your form, weights, you will laugh, you will be challenged again. This is the best way to stay motivated in the beginning.

3. Start With Baby Steps

I know people who want to change their body and life lack the patience and want to see results so they can keep going with their new diet and routine.

And I know you may be restlessly trying to uplift your performance at the gym but be careful with your tempo! When you start working out you will feel a great boost of energy, you'll feel invincible and immortal, but you have to be careful how fast you progess and whether you really progress or sacrifice something.

The successful fat loss is the patient fat loss.

Eating in a deficit is good for fat loss, but not eating enough doesn’t mean even faster fat loss.

Regular exercise will shape your body, but not taking rest won’t make you stronger and leaner.

Same applies with workout duration – you don’t need to spend 2 hours in the gym and try every single machine there.

Hire a professional and let him check your form, body limitations and what you cannot do at your current fitness level and start from there. Improve your current state.


​One of the greatest benefits that you will experience as a newbie is losing fat and building muscle in a very short time!

That means your body frame will become smaller, but you will have some really good shape like smaller waist, toned arms and back, your butt won’t resemble a pancake anymore!

Let your body adjust to movement and new activities.

You don’t want to injure yourself, neither want you to lose motivation for working out.

Don’t do anything that you hate but try to find the exercises you really like doing. Of course, there are some very challenging exercises that won’t EVER become one of your favorites … (like split squats for me, for example) but will have tremendous effects on your body. These you’re going to love because of the results, believe me…

Do what you love, but first seek some profi help so you can start right and smart and you’ll easily go to the next level.

4. Compare to No One But Yourself

That’s another thing we all hear a lot and it’s easier said than done but it plays a key role in your success.

Mindset is everything.

​Everybody has a different story. Some people have trained before, some have eating disorders, some are capable of wolfing down their food for the whole day in just 30 minutes, others forget about food until they faint, some are born with longer bones, others with slight imbalances… You got my point. Accept who you are, then try to become a little better.

Comparing to anyone but you isn’t a smart move. Even if you live together, if you eat the same things, etc, you’re still going to have very different body respond because of your mindset, sleep, stress levels and many other factors.

You should strive to become better than you were yesterday. That’s all that matters.

1% better every day.

Sounds too little?

See how 1% less effort affects the whole picture!

How to Start Working Out 3

​5. Never Hurry to Call Yourself Advanced 

This is the point where a lot of people make the biggest mistakes. Beginners often tend to think they’re advanced once they have mastered the technique of the beginners exercises.

Remember the most important thing before starting with heavier weights and advanced moves in your workouts is to do everything correctly.

Never sacrifice your technique for heavier weights or some fancy moves. Get as better as possible before jumping to the next fitness level.

In Conclusion

Probably you have expected me to give advice like:

“Go for 20-30 mins on the stair master on days X-Y-Z.”, “Eat X in the morning, don’t eat Y in the evening.”, "Don't Eat after X o'clock." And so on...

But even I have started working out with the same tips I have listed. These 5 tips will help you get where you want to be. Don't be afraid to try something that might work only for YOU.

These are the absolute basics! Once you have mastered these, I can give you the next steps.

​Love always,