Goji Berry Almond Truffles

Pure Pleasure for Sweet Cravings!

​By crushing those truffles with your teeth you will immediately feel an explosion of a flavour bomb covered in the softness of raw cocoa powder and cinnamon.


​I almost always use this recipe to impress my friends when they come over or ​I just bring them with me when I'm invited to a party, because they are easy and quick to prepare, although small balls should be rolled. 

​Goji Berry Almond Truffles


For the Dough:

       2 cups almonds

       ​1 cup dried goji berries

       4-5 tbsp. coconut oil       

       6-7 dates       

       pinch nutmeg       

       vanilla extract

       pinch pink salt

​For the coating:

​       raw cocoa powder (unsweetened)

​       cinnamon


Combine all the dry  dough ingredients (without the dates) in a blender for about 20-30 seconds. Don't blend them in very fine pieces, you want to have some crispy parts here and there.

Then melt the coconut oil and blend it together with the dates. This will be your sweetener and dough glue.

Pour the two parts of the dough into a bigger bowl and mix them with hands, then you'll be ready to roll your truffles. You can make them as big as you want. Place them for 5 minutes in your fridge.

When you take them out, put them in another, bigger ball with cocoa powder and cinnamon and roll all of them together.

Voilà! Your stunning truffles are ready to impress!  

Recipe Notes:

You can prepare a bigger quantity of the dough and freeze it, just don't roll the truffles in cocoa powder nor cinnamon.

There is a trick to cover the truffles in chocolate coating, so send me an email (contact@thefitsense.com) or message if you want to try this version of the recipe and I will publish it. 🙂

​Let me know if you try this recipe!

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