Easy Homemade Hummus

​The ultimate add-on to your diet

Delicious high-protein and high-fiber homemade hummus recipe that is ready in 5 minutes.


I know it’s more convenient to get a hummus from the nearest supermarket, but this recipe gives you super healthy, rich in taste hummus that will cost you almost no time and energy. Plus, you could make a bigger quantity for the same time!

I love hummus because of its taste and texture, and I have to admit I often want just to grab one from the nearest store instead of making my own, but every time I check the label, I’m just shocked what’s in it.

First of all, most ingredients are most probably cheap and there are too many thickening and preservatives ingredients that your body actually doesn’t need.

My recipe will save you all kind of worries…

and it’s ready just in the blink of an eye!

Most important ingredients

Chickpeas – I usually get dried chickpeas because I never find fresh. I soak it overnight, change the water and then pressure cook for 15-20 minutes.

Tahini – this is on of the main ingredients in hummus. (but I add in a lot of other recipes, or just on the top of a rice cake when I crave something different).

I love to serve this hummus with potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, all type of rice cakes, as a side dish to meat, eggs.. And actually I can have it with everything.

Other ingredients you need:

2-3 garlic gloves

lemon juice (I use fresh lemons)

​olive oil




First, ​blend the garlic, lemon juice and tahini until smooth in a blender or food processor

​Then add all other ingredients and blend again until smooth. If you want your hummus to be smoother and creamier you can add a little bit water. This depends on your taste. ​

Once its ready you can top it with ​parsley​, fresh herbs or olive oil.

​Let me know if you try this recipe!

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