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Goji Berry Almond Truffles

Pure Pleasure for Sweet Cravings!

​By crushing those truffles with your teeth you will immediately feel an explosion of a flavour bomb covered in the softness of raw cocoa powder and cinnamon.

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Blackberry Sorbet

​Perfect for Hot Summer Days (and Nights!)

Those of you who know me personally, are aware of my unconditional love with ice cream! As much as I love ​it, 9 times out of 10 I don't please myself with it, because all the recipes for home made ice creams are so overwhelming and difficult to follow.

But this one is perfect for impatient sorbet-lovers like me!

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Pink Berry Bowl: Breakfast For Rest Days

​Add Colors and Diversity for Fat Loss

Rest days are usually those long awaited Saturdays and Sundays and that's the time when you, more than anything, want to take a break from work, obligations and pressure. Try this super refreshing smothie bowl without putting extra "dieting" stress on the weekends!

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