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Delightful Energy Bites

Because they say you shouldn't treat yourself!

We all crave a sweet bite from time to time, let’s not delude ourselves. A diet should not restrict us from having a special moment for our senses. There is and should always be a place in our daily meal plan for a delightful pleasure hitting our sweet tooth! With these chewy brownie bites you will not only satisfy your hunger for a delicious treat, but also nourish your soul.

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End Of Cheat Weekends

5 Simple Approaches You Can Start Now!

​I eat a lot. But I used to eat a lot more in the weekends! Actually, I did a lot of things in the weekends that you wouldn’t say I did if you saw me from Monday to Friday. Overeating, partying and allowing myself all the Monday-to-Friday otherwise forbidden things kept me far, far away from my goals, but this was what everybody else also did.

There is a way to escape this circle and this is what this article is all about. I want to share with you a couple of approaches to stop this behavior right now.

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Are You Slowing Down Your Metabolism?

​​​A Few ​Reasons ​Why You May Be ​Gaining Fat

Although we as humans differ from all other creatures by our ability to take conscious decisions, we ​often do more harm to ourselves than good. This is a 100% true when fitness and nutrition are concerned. What our body really needs and what we think it needs often aren't the same. We want to be in charge of every bite and hunger sound, but the more we control, the less we achieve. But why?

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Baked Banana Spelt Cake Recipe

​A healthy treat to have with a cup of tea

​This banana spelt ​cake ​is the perfect autumn treat (after the pumpkin pie may be!) and is ​a perfect blend of ​healthy and ​satisfying. It is ​just enough moist and ​sweet to please everyone's taste. ​​While still baking in the oven, it will spread the ​wonderful scent of fall spice throughout your entire house.

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