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Healthy Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Can you eat real food for an athletic body without spending a fortune on super foods?

People often tend to justify their bad eating habits by claiming healthy foods could be a great financial burden. That’s just the bad reputation of healthy eating.

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A Fresh Morning Start: Avocado Kale Protein Smoothie

​​Less-than-a-minute Option (with Fat Loss Boosting Benefits)

This is a super nutritious and light breakfast if you have absolutely no time and don't like eating early in the morning! Okay, I know raw kale could be either a great hit or a total disaster, especially if you mean to have it in the morning. This super veggie on its own is not exactly as deliscious as nutritious, but here is how you can add it to your menu and actually enjoy it. 

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Female Hormones 101: Menstrual Cycle And Working Out

​Control Them Or They'll Control You

You’re doing everything right – nutrition, training, supplementation. But you are experiencing negligible results, health and body composition. If you want to understand what might be the reason for your unsatisfactory achievements despite the hard work and would love to take advantage of your natural body’s cycle, this article is for you.

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Back Injury Recovery Journal: Month 4

​L5 - S1 Disc Protrusion: Motivation to Get Back to The Gym

I decided to continue publishing the Recovery Journal on a monthly ​basis, because I want to give you the overview of the most successful recovery strategies, my strategies. Month 4 is about dull pain, focus, determination, fat loss and a lot of work!

This period is very special, because I strictly followed a new workout routine and achieved super lean six pack by the third week! Check out how is it possible!

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