Can You Have Your Dream Body AND a Happy Relationship?

Improve Your Love Life By improving your relationship with food and exercise


​Believe it or not, working out can give you more than great health and good reflection in the mirror! Of course, your inner and outer glow will constantly attract attention and new opportunities to meet new people. But it will inevitably deepen your current relationship and make it stronger if both you and your partner develop the same healthy and active lifestyle.

Well, there is also a second option. You can choose to live more healthy, to do something good for you and to ditch your bad habits while your partner tries nothing but to sabotage your efforts and to make you feel stupid about making a healthier change.

Needless to say, this is not your soul mate and you deserve better. This has a lot to do with self respect and self awareness, but for the purpose of this article, we’ll consider only the first option - dating someone nice, who wants to elevate each aspect of his life together with you.

Exercising is a wonderful way to share experiences and deepen your connection. Experiencing something new together activates both adrenaline and other senses while creating memories and deepening a couple’s bond at the same time.

Fat loss and a happier relationship? Yes, please!

1. Keep things fresh and dynamic

If you are active and fitness minded with your partner, you can always find new things to do together. The various activities will add new feelings between you two and will make you more connected in a unique way.

Instead of staying at home after a long day at the office and watching TV, you can decide for a walk that will give you the best opportunity to talk, to share, to communicate qualitatively. Besides, you will have done your daily low intensity cardio in such an enjoyable way. This will contribute your fat loss goals and strengthen your relationship.

My lovely Boo and I use every chance to go outside and start moving. Walking is one of the greatest ways to incorporate low intensity cardio in our daily routines! We, as most of the working people, find it really hard to make time for this type of training. Working out on higher intensity is everything we all strive for, but building a good looking, lean and healthy body is so much easier if we balance between high and low intensity trainings.

2. Gain intimacy and lose calories

There are numerous things you can do together, such as walking in the park, cycling, running, skating. Try new sports – squash, tennis, dancing, golf, bowling, yoga, frisbee. If you want to go extreme, go hiking or even kayaking! Hiking is a great way to explore the sights while getting your workout in. Don’t limit yourself to anything! You can also include your friends or other couples in your sport experiences – play volleyball or basketball.

Give a try to winter sports – skiing, snowboarding or ice skating. These sports not only are great for your shape, strength and balance. They will make you travel and laugh, burn excessive amount of calories and give you a fantastic topic to talk about while drinking your warm tea afterwards.

3. Become more attractive to your partner

After doing a physical activity together you will definitely feel more in love and satisfied with your relationship. Have you experienced brighter, happier feelings after working out? I know you have! So, imagine you can trigger this effect together with your special one. You’ll both improve your mood and relieve stress in a better way than gorging on chocolate ice cream or having an extra glass or two of wine. You’ll become more positive person and we all know that this ultimately means you’ll seem more attractive! Happy people are better and more wanted companions. Plus, the physiological effect of the physical activity will multiply your attractiveness to your partner. Well, that’s a score!

4. You become closer than ever

Probably with your busy lifestyles you might not have the chance to have lots of night outs, but if you want to get in shape that is the best way to spend time together. Plus, you will learn to have fun while you’re sweating, and while you’re looking perfectly imperfect (no make-up, messy hair, tomato face, etc.). And one of the greatest benefits - healthy and active lifestyle will undoubtedly improve your sex life.

What’s more, with time you will unit towards a common fitness or health goal, and it will be super easy for you to achieve it as a team. sharing a difficult or tiring experience together will definitely make you stronger as individuals and as a couple.

You coordinate your actions, learn more about the the other person and create wonderful memories. you will be surprised how much laugh you can get from your activities together! This what strengthens your emotional bond, you improve your nonverbal matching and create stable, long-lasting relationship that resists the tests of life.

Are you worried that one of you is not into sport?

If one of you is unfit or a complete newbie, just pick up an activity that is new to both of you. Take up new classes together if you feel uncomfortable to teach your partner or to be taught by him/her.

Exercising is a lovely way to build a better relationship with your significant other. While both of you can still have your own fitness routines, you can still spend your free time on physical activities. These will not only keep you fit, but you’ll develop common lifestyle priorities, you’ll feel empowered to achieve your fitness goals and you’ll deepen the trust and connection between you. Start exercising together if you're looking for new ways to bring you and your partner closer together and improve your fitness at the same time.

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