Baked Banana Spelt Cake Recipe

​A healthy treat to have with a cup of tea

​This banana spelt ​cake ​is the perfect autumn treat (after the pumpkin pie may be!) and is ​a perfect blend of ​healthy and ​satisfying. It is ​just enough moist and ​sweet to please everyone's taste. ​​While still baking in the oven, it will spread the ​wonderful scent of fall spice throughout your entire house.

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Women Fat Loss Metabolism – Once And For All

Fat loss strategies for breaking the vicious circle

“My metabolism is slow”, “I gain weight faster than I lose it”, “I retain water, this is not fat”, “Weight…again?!” Does it sound familiar? Have you ever said it aloud? As long as you can remember, you diet. You are careful what you eat. You don’t indulge in everything you want whenever you want it, because you know the scale will display it.

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Fluffy Banana Muffins Recipe

Quick and easy recipe for irresistible temptation

We all have stood in a line for coffee and been tempted by freshly baked, scrummy treats. What is healthier or should I say less harmful - to skip the breakfast or to buy only one piece of those devilishly toothsome pastries?

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No Sugar Raw Chocolate Recipe

For everyone who has a sweet tooth!

This is the Chocolate with capital C! No sugar, no suspicious substances, no palm oil, etc. Natural, raw, homemade chocolate that deserves to be shared! (Psst, there is a little Bonus tip at the end of this recipe.)

I've deliberately chosen this recipe to be the first in my blog, because I adore chocolate! And this one particularly is the most delicious I've ever made!

The recipe is too easy to be true and only takes five minutes to prepare. Go to the nearest supermarket, get the ingredients and let's get started!

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5 Must-Take Supplements For Women

What else we need beside our healthy nutrition and training program?

Most of the women I know crave for the magic diet pill, but I think these supplements will change their minds! A good training program and developing healthy eating habits is the only way to achieve the best version of your body. A sound nutritional program is crucial for achieving this and all those endorphins of the awesome feeling of win. But there some elements that add up to your diet and supercharge your lean body, boost your metabolism and accelerate your overall performance at work, sport and daily activities.

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