Fat Loss 101

​The Basics You Need to Know

How do we get fat and how do we lose fat? We hear and talk about fat loss all day long. TV shows, magazine covers and billboards attack us with the Fat Loss Secret. “It is very simple”, they say. If it's so easy and simple, and so many people want to sell it to us, why is there a tendency for increasing obesity and body fat levels despite the increasing consumption of diet and low-fat foods?

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Back Injury Recovery Journal: Week 11 and 12

Reverse L5 - S1 Disc Protrusion

L5-S1 Disc Protrusion

Injured or not, the feeling of knowing that soon your pain will be behind your back is irreplaceable! I've already undergone all procedures prior to the new beginning of my workout routine, but I have to admit I had different expectations.  I guess disc protrusion it's not a child's play!

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The Easiest New Year’s Resolutions

​What Happened With Your New Year's Resolutions For 2018?

The first month of the new 2018 is coming to its end and the time is perfect for striking the balance of the New Year’s Resolutions. Did you stick to your resolutions this January? If you didn’t succeed until now, maybe you have set too many or too unrealistic goals. I suppose that the overindulging December has a hand in this and under the influence of everyone’s spirits for new beginnings, ambitions and new “me” mania, you tried to promise yourself big differences. People say that you should think big in order to achieve greater results.

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Back Injury Recovery Journal: Week 9 and 10

​Reverse L5-S1 Disc Protrusion

​"In 10 days you will be training like ​you haven't been injured!" - he assured me. "Wait. What?!" - I couldn't believe it! I hope this post will end in an unexpected way. I have started doubting my diagnose. New therapists diagnosticated something else that the others couldn't despite their efforts to measure my posture, mechanics and mobility. I tried something new and I don't know what to believe anymore.

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Delightful Energy Bites

Because they say you shouldn't treat yourself!

We all crave a sweet bite from time to time, let’s not delude ourselves. A diet should not restrict us from having a special moment for our senses. There is and should always be a place in our daily meal plan for a delightful pleasure hitting our sweet tooth! With these chewy brownie bites you will not only satisfy your hunger for a delicious treat, but also nourish your soul.

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