5 Must-Take Supplements For Women

What else we need beside our healthy nutrition and training program?

Most of the women I know crave for the magic diet pill, but I think these supplements will change their minds! A good training program and developing healthy eating habits is the only way to achieve the best version of your body. A sound nutritional program is crucial for achieving this and all those endorphins of the awesome feeling of win. But there some elements that add up to your diet and supercharge your lean body, boost your metabolism and accelerate your overall performance at work, sport and daily activities.

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Lovely Rome…

The beauty of the unplanned trips

Summer is the time to fall in love. To fall in love with lovely people, places, experiences, meetings, flavors, scents, and, of course, with the delectable Italy. The last few days are marked by the touch of Italian breeze the smell of fresh pasta, pieces of tiramisu and aftertaste of strong Espresso. The rest, they say, is love...

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A Flight To Rome, A Trip To A Healthier Body

Not an ordinary article on how to stay fit on vacation

Summer, vacations, new destinations – I can’t wait! The season of delightful adventures is here! Oh, hold on! All this comes with chocolate ice-creams, sugar cocktails, sleepless nights, no gym. Am I going to fit in my jeans when I come back? Should I turn my back on my training and dieting efforts?

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I Want To Look Like Her

3 steps to turn the green eyed-monster into the “she has it all”-girl

I want to look like her. We all have met this girl. Do you know her? Maybe not personally, but you usually meet her on your way to work, or at the grocery shop, or you secretly take a glance at her office on the other side of the street.

Who is she? She is the girl with the flawless, shiny skin, hazel eyes, wavy, glossy hair and the lean, vibrant body despite the three dream kids, she has given birth to.

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Ripped Abs – Are They Worth It?

The Cost Of Being Lean

Ripped six-pack abs. Sexy belly. Toned arms and tight butts. Confidence. Be proud of what you have achieved. Unshakable health and enviable look is what the fitness industry makes us want. The world starts to want it more and more. Do you know what it takes to get it? Have you been there? Do you know of what you should deprive yourself to look ripped?

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