Calculate Your Macros: Start Here

If you’re already convinced in the magic around tracking your food and progress, you will need to know how to start calculating your numbers and to get a good kickoff of your journey. This is where science comes into play and that, in my opinion, is one of the most exciting parts. If you’re puzzled between few things, choose the one that is backed up with science. Not that the other one might not work for you, but scientifically proven methods will almost inevitable ​make you succeed.

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Лесни стъпки, с които ще останеш във форма по време на празниците

​Колкото и прекрасно да е това време на годината, Колeдните и Новогодишни празници предизвикват доста бурни емоции на хората, които постоянно се притесняват за формата и визията си. Да, човек може да я развали само за 10 дни, но все пак има начин това да не се случи. В новото видео споделям няколко лесни стъпки как да избегнеш напълняването и да се забавляваш.

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Can You Gain Fat By Not Eating Enough?!

Is it possible to gain fat even if you’re ​not eating enough for your body? There is a very, very simple answer to this question and you will not like it - no, you can't get fat if you're giving less energy to your body than it needs. Here's why!

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