Overstressed And Overeating

​2 Steps For Beating The Emotional Eating

Are you feeling overstressed, maneuvering between family, work and your personal desires? Maybe the last thing you have time and energy for is to figure out how to stay fit and good-looking. I guess the feeling of underappreciation sometimes affects your nutrition or training. If so, this article might help you.

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Back Injury Recovery Journal: Week 1 and 2

​Reverse L5-S1 Disc Protrusion

A journal is a powerful tool in recovery no matter if it’s about injury, eating disorder or some emotional problem. All of them can be significantly influenced by writing in a diary, as you have the possibility to look at your emotions from a different angle. I truly believe there are no irreversible conditions, injuries or illnesses, unless we let them take over.

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Are You Slowing Down Your Metabolism?

​​​A Few ​Reasons ​Why You May Be ​Gaining Fat

Although we as humans differ from all other creatures by our ability to take conscious decisions, we ​often do more harm to ourselves than good. This is a 100% true when fitness and nutrition are concerned. What our body really needs and what we think it needs often aren't the same. We want to be in charge of every bite and hunger sound, but the more we control, the less we achieve. But why?

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5 Lessons Learned From Fitness Injury

​Positive beats perfect!

Workout Injuries can happen to anyone despite age, training intensity and physical preparation. Probably some of you have experienced it to some degree. With an acute injury or less severe one we’re itching to go back to the gym, especially if we are, let’s say, a bit obsessed in our workout routine. Yet, most cases exercising helps us to take control over our mind and food. Once we lose it we become a bit… touchy.

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Baked Banana Spelt Cake Recipe

​A healthy treat to have with a cup of tea

​This banana spelt ​cake ​is the perfect autumn treat (after the pumpkin pie may be!) and is ​a perfect blend of ​healthy and ​satisfying. It is ​just enough moist and ​sweet to please everyone's taste. ​​While still baking in the oven, it will spread the ​wonderful scent of fall spice throughout your entire house.

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