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​From ​Loosing ​Blooming ​Corporate Caree​r and ​Fit Physique to ​Returning Stronger, Leaner and More Feminine.

Hi, I'm Lubov and I'm Health and Self-Love Ignitor.

My purpose is to help you master your body & confidence through wholesome nutrition, self-love and learning to live an inspiring life, especially if you are a busy woman.

What you’ll find here is a blend of mindset skills, real food power, life-changing tactics, nutrition advice, fitness inspiration and lifestyle guidance, flavoured with easy to grasp videos, articles and recipes.

Why am I doing this?

Because I’ve entirely healed my shadow life from negative self-talk and maniac body image obsessions and become a self-loving young woman, living the long-desired life in the body of her dreams.

Today I want to empower you to achieve the same and even more!

Why should you trust me?

Because I know your struggle. Just like you I juggle between 9-to-5 office job, self-development, family, obligations and the fight for the utopian dream body.

How I got here? The hard way.

You can see me as a year-round-lean Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, relishing a successful corporate career, meaningful relationships and shining from the inside out.

But I had to transform the tremendous energy from the hate towards my body, self-criticism & overexertion into Self-Love & Self-Awareness massive action, as I began owning my life, honoring my body and embracing every inch of it.

Self-Love & Mindfullness made the di​​​​fference.

My dieting history

starts at the age of 14 with lots of starvation, waste-time cardio sessions and lack of knowledge. Inevitably,

I grew up as a chronic dieter with neurotic overachieving mentality, absolutely unable to enjoy food, relationships nor life.

Performing idiotically intense workouts, leading super stressful, rapidly developing corporate life, neglecting good nutrition and physical, emotional & mental exhaustion created the fake feeling of having control. 

As an act of defiance my mind and body challenged me in many, unpleasant and unexpected ways.

Yet today I pride myself on winning my mental games - anxiety, panic attacks, binge eating, emotional eating & bulimia, and for over a year I’m leading in the mental fight with my disc herniation.

Although I already had a vast knowledge in health & fitness, I still possessed the destructive “overdo-everything” mindset and the Universe slapped me in the face with my spine injury to show me I was missing the main point.

Just when I thought the world was over, My Magic Happened.


Here you learn to craft your life, body and mindset and break loose the dieter’s chains. Here you will embrace the fun-loving attitude toward fitness and life in general.

The Fit Sense will give you actionable and motivational advice with smart, heart-pumping workouts and satisfying, even indulgent recipes for mouth-watering meals, based on my expertise as a Precision Nutrition Certified ​Coach and NFPT Certified Personal Trainer.

Wondering How?

I reclaimed my worthiness apart from all my limiting beliefs and developed Self-Love through Self-Awareness. I learned how to be kind to myself.

If I can, You can as well!

Psst! Want some before photos? Click on the heart.

Allow yourself to be seen.

You can master your perfect body and cultivate more meaning in your life without viewing it as a battle of extremes while pursuing a successful career, taking care of family, home and relationships ​and without depriving yourself.

With my help, you can work through all the negativity that is keeping you away from the joyful side of life. I will guide you how to follow very simple principles, lifelong sustainable habits, how to ditch self doubt​, the dieter’s mindset and all insecurities and to stand more confidently in your own skin.

Enjoy The Fit Sense.

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