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My name is Lubov and I am the curious mind behind The Fit Sense – the blog that will help you achieve a bikini body while enjoying your social life and relationship with family, friends and, of course, food. I initiated The Fit Sense as a celebration of my love to a healthier, but what’s more important a happier life.

This blog features multiple posts for a vibrant lifestyle for real women (and even men), who in the struggle with their body image have lost their confidence, have compromised relationships and haven’t ​found their way to combine their latest “fitness and diet routine” with their work, hobbies and day-to-day activities. Viewing your health as a battle of extremes while pursuing a successful career, taking care of the kids, of the home and your significant other or overindulging after starving all day long, will make it easy to abandon your goals.

This is why I advocate balance and would really love to inspire my blog readers, normal people with full-time desk jobs, to elevate every side of their lives. I want to empower you to dream bigger, to share your vulnerable less-than-perfect side and to take control over your health, appearance and mindset.

​The Fit Sense will help you adjust your mindset to work for you and to create the fun-loving attitude toward fitness and life in general.

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It will help you stick with your happy lifestyle for the long run. And to be more specific - it will give you actionable and motivational advice with heart-pumping workouts and satisfying, even indulgent recipes for mouth-watering meals, based on my expertise as a Precision Nutrition Certified Professional and NFPT Certified Personal Trainer.

Furthermore, I will spotlight people, who have been also my inspiration and are successfully balancing their emotional and physical aspects of life. Along with all this I will share with you different tips and strategies how to stay motivated, organized and on track without depriving anything. Yes, anything!

Let me guess. At least once you have wanted to change something, no matter if it’s been your butt, thighs, arms, overall appearance, productivity, endurance or quality of sleep. Am I right? If you start right now, you’ll see the magic of the tiny little changes, when done deliberately. (Just like the butterfly effect, which we’ll call the fit effect here.)

I am sure you don’t know what you’re capable of, but that’s okay because neither did I! Indeed, if you think I have always had ripped body and abs, you are wrong. If you think I have trained as a professional athlete since early childhood, you are wrong.

Some people just have the right genes, but that’s not me again. I want you to know the real story, so you can get a full picture about my road from chronic dieter and disordered emotional eater to an achiever with strong, healthy mind-body relationship and find out why I would understand you and could help you discover and reach your potential. I truly believe you help people best when you know yourself better.

You’ll be convinced that you can have the desired body and attractiveness even on a very, very tight schedule. I just will save you a lot of time and efforts for meaningless trials, because I am pretty sure you are sick and tired of starting all over again.

If you let me, I will guide you how to follow very simple principles, life-long sustainable habits, how to break free from obsessive habits along your path toward better appearance and lifestyle. You will emerge triumphant and feel content with yourself!

Just know that you will certainly achieve your physical goals, even if there’s something you don’t like in fitness. If you don’t want to run, then don’t. If you don’t feel comfortable in the gym, then train at home. You’ll never have to do anything that doesn’t please you! There are countless solutions and if you stay tuned, you’ll discover the one that best suits you.

I created The Fit Sense because it’s my deepest wish to help people by sharing my passion, knowledge and a long year experience of training and ​nutrition. The Fit Sense is the place where you love being alive, you feel confident in your skin, where you don’t count calories. Here you can reveal your story and achieve a sense of accomplishment.

Enjoy The Fit Sense.

Who am I actually?

I'm a Lifestyle and Fitness coach, an impatient day dreamer, ex-group training instructor, 6 a.m.-fitness enthusiast, 9-to-5 office worker, intuitive eater, ED survivor, disc protrusion fighter, blueberry addict, supportive partner and passionate traveller with a sweet tooth.

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