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The Fit Sense is for women who crave building a life that encompasses confidence, self-worth, unbiased relationship with food and mastering the secrets of a healthy killer body.

This place is for girls who want to abandon self-limiting factors and find the course to a life free of disordered eating patterns, full of joy, love and powerful emotions.

Dieting and merely existing is a definite "no-no" here. The Fit Sense approach is based on small changes that accumulate the big picture success.

This is a 365 day motivational healthy lifestyle blog to help you return control over your life and feel comfortable in your skin.

The Fit Sense will help you become irresistible magnet for positive vibes, endless opportunities and meaningful relationships. You can have it all in one! And don't worry, you're not alone in this.

 ​Simona Dimitrova

 ​Fashion Stylist


​What truly rocks are the short workouts and the super free nutrition. She makes reaching your goals so much easier and natural that you embrace your new lifestyle even more excited and motivated!

 ​Mira Stancheva

​Event Manager


​​She will make you reconsider your daily routine and get you out of the mediocre results. The best part is all you can lose are some waistline inches. You will fall in love with your new lifestyle!

​Meglena Vasileva



​Incredibly bright person who will answer everything you want to ask her. It's more like having a friend or a stress relieving therapist who always is there for your. You name it. Both cases you're in a winning position.

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